Cleaning (prophylaxsis)

“Cleaning” refers to Hygiene and Perio Maintenance. Hygiene is an integral part of your overall oral health. Routine Hygiene and Perio Maintenance along with your annual xrays and exam provide a roadmap for diagnosis and treatment of potential dental problems, preventing or limiting destruction to teeth and gums. Ultimately, this saves you money, time, pain and anxiety.

What happens during a Hygiene visit?

Your NCD hygienist is an oral care professional, ready to help you have the healthiest, best smile you can have. The hygiene exam is always done as part of your cleaning.  Here’s what your hygienist will do:

  • Examine your teeth and gums
  • Clean and polish your teeth to remove plaque and stains on the tooth surface
  • Ask you about your overall health and note the information in your chart for future reference
  • Ask you about any medications you may be using and note them in your chart for future reference
  • Talk with you about at-home oral hygiene and products you may be using
  • Answer questions you may have and make recommendations about home care products

The best at-home oral care can’t compare to professional cleaning. Only your hygienist can efficiently and effectively remove plaque and tartar build-up to help control or prevent periodontal disease.  Most hygienists several different metal hand instruments to clean your teeth. NCD hygienists use the latest ultrasonic scalers, which provide comfortable, deep cleaning above and below the gum line. Even brushing is special – the polish we use has an abrasive substance plus fluoride.  It’s applied by a small rotating rubber cup or brush attached to a dental hand piece.

Your dentist is part of your exam, too.  They will check for signs of oral cancer or other diseases in your mouth, gums, teeth and neck; decide if x-rays are needed; review the Hygienist’s work (your cleaning); and diagnose and recommend treatment for any oral health problems they may discover.

What happens during Perio Maintenance?

Perio Maintenance is a hygiene procedure for people diagnosed with a form of periodontal disease. It follows the periodontal corrective procedure. Your hygienist will monitor the results of your progress from the corrective procedure to keep your periodontal disease under control. Regular cleanings are scheduled and plaque is removed.

Corrective procedure:

  • Deep cleaning (scaling) of gum pockets for plaque and tartar
  • Smoothing (planing) of the teeth roots
  • Recommendation of medication for infection and pain

Our Hygienists comprise over 70 years of experience! They are a talented group of people who love to spend time with you. They are thorough, knowledgeable and gentle in their care.

The Hygiene team can advise you on proper home care techniques, periodontal maintenance and cosmetic services we provide. They have a wealth of information to share. They also provide periodontal specialized services of scaling and root planing and placement of the perio chip. They will also educate you and instruct you on how to achieve the best daily care for your mouth. Our hygiene team will make your visit fun, friendly and informative.