Comprehensive Oral Exam

It’s recommended to have a Comprehensive Oral Exam once every 5 years.  Comprehensive Oral Exams allow your dentist to look at the overall condition and health of your mouth and teeth.  The exam consists of:

  • Tooth inspection for decay or defects
  • X-rays
    • Digital imaging allows for faster, easier, safer views of your tooth and bone structure
  • Gum tissue inspection
    • This part of the exam determines if you have any periodontal disease. If periodontal disease is suspected, a periodontal exam will be scheduled to determine the stage of the disease and what treatment level is needed
  • TMJ (thermomandibular joint) assessment
    • This part of the exam checks for bite problems, such as underbite, overbite, and crossbite; worn teeth; and jaw problems typically associated with TMJ
  • Oral cancer screening
    • Your lymph nodes, lips, tongue and the insides of your mouth and cheeks are thoroughly checked both visually and by touch (the dentist feels for lumps or unusual growths with his/her fingers)
  • Smile Evaluation
    • Our Smile Evaluation assesses the overall aesthetics and symmetry of your smile. We will ask you what you like and don’t like about your smile. We will look at the appearance of your teeth – their color, position, whether or not they are chipped or crooked – as well as your gum line. We will make suggestions on how you can enhance or improve your smile. The choice is yours and we are here to help!