Dental Implants

As with any medical or dental procedure, teeth implant placement is not always successful. You and your dentist should discuss complications related to healing factors that could influence long-term retention of the implant.

Placing the implant and allowing the bone to fuse with the implant will take some time. The entire procedure can take place over a few months and usually involves more than one surgical appointment. Your dentist may be able to make a temporary bridge or denture that you can use during this healing period. Placement and adjustment of the artificial teeth also may require more than one fitting.

Implant placement can also be costly, and some insurance carriers do not cover this procedure. When considering dental implants, you should check with your insurer to determine how much of the cost will be covered under your plan. If you prefer, you may contact our staff to discuss financing options in detail. For years we have been trying to make a great looking partial that replaces several teeth at once. With today’s new materials and high-technology, we are able to provide you with partial dentures which are lightweight, durable and very esthetically pleasing. We design our new partials to have clasps which are the same color as you teeth thus eliminating those unsightly metal clasps that were common in partials of the past.

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