Paul Schoenbeck urges dentists to think out-of-the-box and grow their practice

Dr. Paul Schoenbeck spoke recently at Yankee Dental Congress 36 in Boston, urging dentists to grow their practices by investing in new technology and improving communication skills.

Dr. Paul Schoenbeck delivered another out-of-the-box, thought provoking lecture to dental colleagues at Yankee Dental Congress 36 in Boston on January 28th. He has been invited repeatedly to numerous Yankee Dental Congresses since 2004 as a dynamic speaker and educator.

Dr. Schoenbeck is known for being a visionary in the typically staid field of dentistry. His lectures, ‘Implementing Technology Into Your Dental Practice’ and ‘Dealing With The Difficult Cosmetic Patient’ spoke to the importance of change and communication as an investment in the dental practice.

“I give them the tools to provide change in their practice,” Schoenbeck said. “A lot of dentists are interested in new technology but they ‘re afraid to change or invest in the cost. But in order to grow the practice, you have to invest in it. That means bringing in the equipment and techniques that are going to put you at the next, higher level of service. And that translates to more patients coming on board.”

But Dr. Schoenbeck warns it’s not a matter of just buying the lastest equipment. “One of the most difficult things to do in a dental practice is to change. One of the changes towards great service is to provide communication. Dentists are notorious for not being good communicators. You could spend a million dollars on equipment and it could fail because you didn’t communicate with your staff how to use it and integrate it into everyday use.”

According to Schoenbeck, it’s important to have the technology but if you don’t know how to motivate your staff to be involved or educate your patients about the real-life benefits of that technology, you’ll be the only one who knows how great it all is. And that won’t help grow your practice. You have to get the word out.

Dr. Schoenbeck knows what he’s talking about. One of the reasons his practice, North Country Dental, is a leader in New Hampshire dentistry is because he has invested in advanced technology such as CEREC Bluecam for his offices. He has invested in another tool few dentists have dared to use: advertising. “Advertising is another way to communicate who you are, what you are doing and why it’s important. It gives your staff a sense of pride when they know their office is recognized as a trusted leader in the community.”

Schoenbeck employs the services of a professional marketing firm to help spread the word and his vision of what dentistry can be. “When they (Yankee Dental Congress attendees) find out I use real advertising, not newsletters, they’re surprised. Most dentists don’t know how to advertise and they’re easily swayed but whatever is presented as the next hot trend. They try to do it themselves, too, which makes no sense. Why would you do something you have no training for and expect it to work? That’s like expecting your patients to be able to fix their own teeth. Unless they’re trained to know what they’re doing, they won’t succeed. The same applies to advertising your practice. Let a professional do it and you’ll see results and a return on your investment.”

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