Periodontics is the practice of treating the gums to prevent or heal periodontal disease

Gum disease has a number of stages.  Gingivitis is the earliest stage. Catching it early is best because it is easier to treat in the beginning stage.  Regular hygiene visits will help prevent gum disease!

Periodontal disease is common and most people don’t know they have it until it is in an advanced state.  Periodontal disease is caused by plaque, a sticky, colorless substance that forms on the surface of your teeth, especially near the gum line.  Plaque contains bacteria.  If it’s not removed by thorough brushing and mouth rinses, the bacteria emit toxins that irritate the gums.  Your gums start to bleed or become swollen.  Pockets start to form around the teeth as supporting tissue breaks down.

unhealthy_gums1As the cycles continue, pockets deepen and the gums pull away from around the teeth.  The final stage is when the plaque hardens into a rough deposit called calculus or tartar.  Over time, as more plaque and calculus build up, the gums continue to pull away from the teeth.

Gum and bone attachment is lost and the pockets deepen.



When the tissue around your teeth is unhealthy and pockets can’t be cleaned well enough even by your hygienist, periodontal – or perio–surgery is recommended.  This removes plaque/tartar buildup below the gum line.  We use the most advanced techniques such as lasers, in addition to scaling and planing to help restore your gums to good health.